General list of changes!
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Author:  Karma [ Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  General list of changes!

Whenever there's a change made to this server, we're gonna keep it in this topic so the public will be able to know what's going on.

Server changes:

General changes:
  • Photon booster costs 99 PDs, but added to drop chart
  • Some drop chart changes
  • Meseta added to BPD drops to compensate for higher rate of PCs here.
  • Unlocked a lot of previously unavailable items such as Music Disks 4 and 5.
  • NPCs for hire at low levels, solo mode.
  • Staggered experience. (Previously 5x throughout)
  • Tech boosting items drop from monsters

Class changes:
  • HUmar and RAmar have access to level 15 S/D and J/Z
  • All forces can use Mother Garb + and Vjaya
  • Clio usable by HUneys
  • RAcaseal ATA increased to 260; ATP increased to 1220.

Weapon Changes:
  • Most weapons combo unlocked except bazookas now
  • Flamberge strikes 3 targets
  • Heart of Poumn changed to dagger type weapon
  • Force equipment boosts (see other topic for details)
  • Slicer of Fanatic strikes 5 targets
  • Heart of Poumn given spirit special.
  • Last Swan and Master Raven both have 200 ATP.
  • Cure/Poison changed to State/Maintenance
  • Cure/Slow changed to Trap/Vision
  • Dark Flow has 800 attack instead of 900 to compensate for combo unlock.
  • TJS has 150 more attack than its default.

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