Important information for your perusal! [Time Attack]
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Author:  Mayuru [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Important information for your perusal! [Time Attack]


So now we have this subforum for TA related stuff (Thanks to Japanaman2 and lileya for sparking the idea with their competetive times in the pictures topic, and of course Karma for making the subforum) we'll be having some TA based events. They're likely to be weekly, though depending on the prizes/quest/conditions that's subject to change at any time, really.
That'll all be explained in each quests topic at the time, though.
Since we don't have Challenge mode, TA here will be using quests with timers on them, naturally and there will be prizes for the top time(s) and/or group, depending.
Kure's one-off TA event a while ago seemed to be pretty popular and well recieved, adding to the want for this section, though it wasn't considered at the time, and hopefully this will bring some more competetive play and incentive to play some other quests with a bit of a rush and sense of achievement afterwards!


    All rules and conditions are subject to change at any time, and are as follows:

  • All event TA quests are to be done on ULTIMATE only.
  • You must have solid proof of all your times.
  • You may not post a time for a quest that the event is running if it was done outside the specified period for that quest.
  • To be eligible for 1-4 player groups, you must have that exact number of members.
  • You MAY post times (or be in a group posting times) for one weeks quest in more than one category (1-4 players), however, you'll only recieve one prize even if you're in the top X in all groups.
  • Using bugs (Good or bad) in any quest will see you disqualified, depending on severity, for that week, and possibly weeks to come and is up to our discretion.
  • All other in-game rules apply.


The part you all care about!
For those of you that remember (I wish I didn't) Naka's Business Cards - some prizes will be off the old roulette system we used to use for those, however some of you probably recorded what you got from it, so the table will be modified; maybe slightly, maybe significantly.
You'll have the freedom to pick between two prizes: An undisclosed fixed prize, or a random roulette prize. I'll explain how that works... after a spacer line!

Hoping to keep this quite dynamic so the possibility for the "fixed" prize is that you (and your (up to) 3 comrades) have 1-4 predetermined (respectively) prizes and you each get to pick a number 1-x, that number will then be unavailable for the next person. The other possibility is that the fixed prize is the same for everyone, you'll be made aware of which way this goes with each weeks quest.
The roulette is self explanitory.
Another variable in all this is that your group as a whole must decide on which route to go with your reward, how you decide that among yourselves is your call. The other possibility is you can each pick whether you want fixed or roulette.
The fixed prizes will be categorized as follows:


Item includes anything that isn't equipable, and armour includes shields and units.
It's all supposed to be very vague, so deal with it and learn to love it <3

Upon choosing your prize as a random roulette reward, you revoke the right to complain should you recieve something sub-standard. There are extremely nice items, and there are bad items, that's how we roll. (See what I did there? I'm so witty.)
As for the predetermined prizes, these will more often than not be a "safe bet", and so, it's more likely they will not be as uber, and not as horribad as some of the roulette junk.
However, that doesn't go to say we wont either troll or suprise you.


Genral Time Attacking for quests outside of the event also belongs in this forum.
Note that general times will not count towards event times! A record in general will NOT count in an event, but on the flipside, event times will count for both.

I'll leave this topic open for now for any questions, which in turn I'll use to make an FAQ in the future on this post.

Author:  WeaponX3523 [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important information for your perusal! [Time Attack]

Wow, thank you for all the work you put in to this =D

It all seems pretty cool, and just another way to enjoy our PSO here!

My only thought might be (if you and the players of Eden were amenable to it) would be that event times could count towards server records. I think it makes perfect sense that general records wouldn't count toward events, but I could see event times counting as general records. I do get your point of two separate entities though.

Anyway nice work and thanks! :)

Author:  Mayuru [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important information for your perusal! [Time Attack]

Yeah I was definitely torn about that, but I figured cutting the connection between the two would make it just that little bit harder for people to cheat their times on either.
We can always keep an unofficial general record from the event times, though.. it's practically the same thing, if any of that made any sense?
It makes sense in my head and when I read it. D:

Author:  lileya [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important information for your perusal! [Time Attack]

Obviously, being the creater of the topic, I disagree! XD

I completely agree than what's in the TA records topic stays in the TA records topic and should not be used for the specific events. Although, a best record is a best record, and if it's achieved through one of the events, I feel it still belongs in the TA records topic.

Although I understand why you think it might be harder to monitor cheating. I guess we could just ensure that the rules used in the TA records topic will be the exact same as the rules you will decide for your TA events? Also, we could wait for the events to end before starting to add the best times achieved to the TA records topic?

My poor english skills and the overuse of the word "TA" in my post makes it hard to understand... o_O

Author:  Mayuru [ Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important information for your perusal! [Time Attack]

I don't think there's a legitimate reason other than making it harder to cheat times for it not to work that way. We'll have events effect general, then, and just be really nazi about cheating. XD

*Still feels slightly uneasy about it*

Author:  Mayuru [ Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Important information for your perusal! [Time Attack]

Added prize disclaimer.
No bawwwing, now.

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