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VoIP for Eden 
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Post VoIP for Eden
In recent moments (very recent moments) I've decided that it's time to bring this whole VoIP thing back to Eden. Currently, Steam and Skype exists, but... I feel we should step it up, a bit? In recent discoveries, Discord has come to my attention as being very lightweight, user friendly, and more stable than Skype. It basically takes Skype and Teamspeak, merge the two, then throw out all the bad. It's VERY easy to use, free, secure, and it can be used via browser or direct download. It's your choice.

What is Discord?
You'll find what you need right here. It's your choice if you actually want to download it or even create an account. Both are completely optional. The difference is simply convenience. Not sure if you actually want to stick to discord? Just join via browser and make a temporary name. Like what you see? Download it, register an email, create a name, go ham.

How involved will Discord be with Eden Server?
This Discord channel is actually unofficial and its rules are not shared between the forum or in-game. This idea has not been approved by any of the administration nor do I expect it to be. As such, this is, once again, an unofficial thing I have created as a way to just bond the community through the power of the voice with a very convenient program. However, don't mean that gives you the right to misbehave. You WILL have to watch your conduct, but it's not going to be nearing draconian levels. At first, I had thought it would be best to just create a server/channel that's completely free of any particular rules. You just join hassle free and have fun with the crowd. But then I figured that would be lame and needs SOME form of moderation. Not a whole lot, just a little bit. On that same note, if the administration wishes to incorporate this idea into something that becomes a part of the server, then I'll be completely fine with them finalizing that idea.

Who will be in charge of this Discord channel?
Currently, me. But in hindsight, this is a shortsighted plan. I don't plan to forever be the one and only authoritarian and I am kind of looking for other (trustworthy of course) peeps to show activity and dedication that are willing to become some sort of moderator, perhaps even someone who'll do a better job, or at least a more consistent job, at being the owner of this channel as a whole.

What features will be available to me when I join?
Much like any board or forum, features will be given out based on your role. Currently, there are 4 roles, including the default one. I'll list them from lowest to highest.

This is the default role you will assume upon joining. "Everyone" will have access to basic functions. Reading texts, typing texts, joining voice channels, and being able to talk. This is the bare minimum and all you honestly need to get the full effect of the Discord experience.

An Edenite is just a step above the default role. While it doesn't grant you any "authoritive privileges" or anything sophisticated like that, it allows the user to do more things, such as creating instant invites for other people to join, embedding links, attaching files, and other things. At the same time, it sort of "verifies" you as a true member of Eden Server and not just another lurker, so to speak.

Pretty blatant, just someone who's able to moderate and keep civility among the server. They can kick and ban people, mute them, deafen them, move them from channels, move them into channels, manage channels, it's rather self explanatory.

God Almighty
They do everything. Literally everything and have absolute power. I plan to have at least 1 other person to claim this role in the future, if they haven't already gotten it by the time you read this.

TL;DR just let me join NOW!
Okay okay, I get it. You wanna hop on this immediately? I feel you. Whether you downloaded the client or just using the browser version, you're going to need the Instant Invite link. But without further adieu, the currently existing instant invite link is below.

(*Update: Instant Invite is Now Permanent)
Instant Invite Link:

How do I join via client?

Step 1.jpeg
Step 2.jpeg
Step 3.jpeg

Other concerns
Unsure if things will actually go as planned or not? Afraid of awkward silence? Just shy and socially awkward? I'm a pretty chatty guy. On top of that, joining this Discord channel proves that we all have similar interests be it inside or outside PSOBB. The simple act of joining is a much larger step that you could imagine. It shows you want something and that means a lot on its own. So why are you reading this? Concerned about something? You must be if you are. But you shouldn't anymore.

Account 1:
Image怠け者: HUcast Level 190+ Advanced
ImageHanako: FOmarl Level 180+
ImageMAGANEGE: HUcaseal Level 170+
ImageDr. Tank: RAcast Level 200+
Account 2:
ImageKeimu: RAmarl 110+
ImageWhithette: FOmar 90+
ImageAltieri: FOnewearl 190+
Image: RAmar 30+

Click here for my Certificate
Credit goes to japanaman2 for making

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