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What are Section IDs? 
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Post What are Section IDs?
Aside from the obvious, ever wondered what exactly these IDs meant? Or even what they are? Or even their origin? If you look closely, you'll notice that there are these hieroglyphic looking designs for each one, and they are all rather unique. I'm not really knowledgeable in my ancient Egyptian or Greek calligraphy, but I feel as if they have very original designs. And this is rather impressive, might I add. There are so many small details that we overlook in PSO. If you take the time and look at some of this stuff, you'll notice there's a lot of deep meaning for almost each and every name. It really shows how much SEGA cared for their game and poured a lot of work into it. But enough of my flattery. Discussion time.

And here's a link to a list of names and origins for those who are interested.

My input: If these IDs are original, maybe they mean something? Or just cleverly convoluted on purpose? But let's assume it does mean something, seeing as how that's a more interesting view upon things...

Looking at Redria, I am aware that it is an Armor/Unit ID. Of course, armors are worn on the body, more specifically the torso. And the ID is red, looking like blood due to the torso looking shape it has. The lines on the inside look a bit like blood vessels.

Viridia is a shotgun ID, which is of course a heavy weapon. The bottom portion almost looks like a mount where some sort of cannon sits on top of. And perhaps cannon balls are shooting out.

Oran seems to have some sort of spikes coming out from the bottom. It could possibly represent the prongs of a dagger, seeing as how Oran is a dagger ID. IIRC it dropped claws too. Or maybe that was Whitill, (I know, it's a slicer ID) but whatever.

Yellowboze is pretty easy, without a doubt. It looks a lot like a coin, meaning wealth. It's a Meseta ID, so of course. Not to say I already solved the mystery behind this one...

And Pinkal, I can say it looks like wings, perhaps even a bird, but that doesn't really say what the connection is to having "powerful magic" which is what the ID drops, originally. High level techniques.

Other than that, the other ID absolutely stumps me.

Click here to see the wheel of all IDs.

Account 1:
Image怠け者: HUcast Level 190+ Advanced
ImageHanako: FOmarl Level 180+
ImageMAGANEGE: HUcaseal Level 170+
ImageDr. Tank: RAcast Level 200+
Account 2:
ImageKeimu: RAmarl 110+
ImageWhithette: FOmar 90+
ImageAltieri: FOnewearl 190+
Image: RAmar 30+

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Post Re: What are Section IDs?
Interesting stuff for sure.

Legit spoilers in here:
I don't know about you though, but some of the sources on that list are a tad questionable such as Elysion being Elsydeon/Laconian Sword from the PS series. It's pretty darn weak for the only weapon able to kill the Profound Darkness. Also pretty in existence for a weapon that was destroyed.

Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:59 pm
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Post Re: What are Section IDs?
I kinda feel like it's equivalent to our zodiac signs.

Might not be the best comparison or even what you're looking to discuss, so I'll just leave it at that.

Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:34 pm
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Post Re: What are Section IDs?
You know how organizations sometimes divide people into groups based on last name. I think that's what Section ID's are suppose to be. A character's section ID is based on the sum all the numbers a letter in a character's name is assigned plus class (Note that all versions before Ver.3 GCN/Xbox don't count your character's class in formulas). I think the Pioneer Project used this ID system because the Pioneer Project is a collaborative effort of the Alliance of Nations.

More than likely all the thirty-thousand refugees of Pioneer 2 do not hail from the same nation. Perhaps the council felt that refugees separated by names via universal script would segregate certain refugees from another in certain parts of the ship because names from one language use certain characters of universal scripts more than others? I don't know where I'm going with this. Feel free to expand on this idea.

I used to think the Section ID represents which part of the ship you live on. However this doesn't make sense because you're assigned Section ID is ultimately based on name. If everyone was forced to live in a different part of the ship based on name, then families would be divided and mixed up. On a vessel like Pioneer 1, it would have been an interesting experiment. Yet this means Pioneer 2 would have to be the control vessel where everyone have to live normal lives and in non-separated families.

Maybe Section ID's are based on which school you are assigned to when you join the military or Hunter's Guild. As for how which ID's affect what drops in the reality of PSO: Pure coincidence. Meta-game is understandable because it creates balance between trading vs hoarding. I think if you were living in the reality of Ragol Section ID's wouldn't matter because you would be more focused on survival than to pick up every sealed case holding a saber or pistol.

Well these are my thoughts on the matter. I'm out of what else Section ID's do.


Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:54 pm
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