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PSO Backstory 
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Post PSO Backstory
My brother sent me this not too long ago...
Not quite sure where he got it from, but figured some of you may find it interesting.

Dark Falz/Phallus/Force is not a god. He is the extension of a god-like power.. an Avattar. This god-like power is called the Profound Darkness, the purified form of evil. The Profound Darkness was sealed away in another dimension by it's "Brother" being, the Great Light. The seal imprisoning him was the Algol Solar System. The three planets making up the seal are Motavia (Muttz - Desert - Red), Palma (Pounmm - Terran - Green), and Dezolis (Ditts - Artic - Blue)

There was also a fouth planet called Rykros which drew close to the other planets every 1000 year to warn of the Profound Darkness's time. The seal weakened every 1000 years just enough to allow the Profound Darkness to manifest a being in his image that would try to destroy the Algol system through manipulation of the beings living there. This being is called Dark Force/Falz. In PS2, Dark Force was able to send an artifical weather control sattelite crashing into Palma and destroy it. One of the escape ships from Palma was the Alyssa III.

The Alyssa III and one other space craft were knocked off recovery course and sent hurtling into deep space. With the seal weakened even more, the Profound Darkness placed a Dark Falz on the Alyssa III to trigger events which would in the future lead the Alyssa III into a black hole and send it thousands of years back in time to a lonely blue planet called Earth. Once there, Dark Force/Falz could manipulate the earth people who investigated the Algolian craft into creating weather systems which would destory their ecosystem and cause war. Earthlings, unable to be supported by their home planet, sought out Algol to colonize. They used their advanced technology to secretly create a supercomputer called "Mother Brain" which provided everything for the Algolians.. who then became weak in their comfortable lives and easy to slaughter by the earthlings.

PSO most likely takes place sometime after the events of PSIV, when the last of the Bio-sustaining units were shut down after Chaz & Co. terminated the control unit Nervus. The already deteriorating Motavia (which was terraformed in PS2's time by Mother Brain) would then slowly revert back to it's original desert state. To those living on Motavia at the time, after civilization and technology was rebuilt, it would seem as tho their planet was dying. The Pioneer Project was launched to find a new home. That new home, would be Earth.. (as seen in v.1's title screen) and would still contain the remains of the Alyssa III and the Dark Falz/Force contained within.

Personally, I tend to think that PSO takes place after PS2 durring "The Great Collapse" (Another period of planetary turmoil would make Motavia seem as though it's "Dying") because of the technology level present and because the citizens of Algo could manipulate or interpret the Mother Brain system to a digree. (As seen by Rolf collecting data from the Bio-Plant at the begining of PS2) From the data they'd collect, they could recreate the process which created Newmans (Nei/Neifirst) and discover Mother Brain's true origin - Earth. It would be a goldmine of military and biological technology by studying Earth's ruins.. expecially if they knew before hand of D-Type infection which was probably present in Mother Brain. Not to mention that in PSO there is a centralized government.. one that's not found or even hinted at anywhere in PSIV.

There are holes and inconsistancies in both theories for when PSO takes place.. and until Sega does a better translation job, releases their PSO comics Stateside, or makes a new PSO game/quest which makes firm connections.. it will be one that might never get resolved.

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im so lost right now lol
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i wanna laugh my head off riht now
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I'm doing those shrooms now.

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Post Re: PSO Backstory
I had a mate called who called his char Profound D.

Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:10 am
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Post Re: PSO Backstory
XxNaHtExX wrote:
Dark Phallus.

That made my day.

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Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:15 am
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Post Re: PSO Backstory
English translation didn't work well on that, there is an enemy on PS4 called PROPHALLUS and that's the closest you can get by translation, i guess with dark phallus the same hapened, that was the closest they got.
There was a website that had a very unique view on things such as the planet not beeing earth.

Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:28 pm
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