Theme song topic. (Not your character.)
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Author:  japanaman2 [ Sat Oct 01, 2022 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Theme song topic. (Not your character.)

Seeing as how some of you want to use the forums a little more now i thought it may be a good chance to get interactions going.

So the main point of this topic is to post a theme song / entrance music for a character on Eden that you do not control.

Does your buddy think they should come out to classic undertakers theme but you think they should come out to a Rick roll.
Let them know about it here.

I kind of originally wanted to make this idea as an event where I would take everyone's characters and do random drawings and then have it be a secret Santa type selection but I think that may of been overthinking things. Not sure could be fun though if interested in throwing your characters name in the hat for something like that let me know if it gets enough traction just might. Could get much different results.

Do keep in mind we have an worldwide player base here and you may get something you may never heard of before who knows the power of music may just change your mind and a theme song someone else picks may just grow on you.

Nothing is definitive and you can post and debate about it with some reasoning if you want to for as many characters as you want. But really the main goal is to think about someone else and have fun and maybe discover some new tracks for yourselves.

Author:  lawabidingcitizen [ Sun Oct 02, 2022 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Theme song topic. (Not your character.)

Great idea, Wench!

Carnelian/too many alts
What this person does to some of this person's alts, particularly mmnk!!! Tragic

Datadyne/Nayti/Mr Blonde
Stealth Suit, no EDK, zerking. This man is wild and untamable

No explanation warranted

Because a guy named Hellsent needs to be represented by a band named Hell Fire

He keeps his friends Right Here Waiting

"Yo, it's time for a coffee break!"

Vaela/Saerom/random Korean name

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