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Author:  rodellz [ Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  3ds pso

This might be seen as off topic, if so feeel free to move it. But I was playing blue burst yesterday and was combining ideas from PS universe and PS Zero and the thought occured to me.
How well would a 3ds version of PSO do? I mean, for the example lets use Blue burst for the moment.
Lets assume its updated, characters saved on the card, and story mode is offline already on the card. [Ie you dont need to be online to play the game]
Now lets toss in some elements from Monster hunter 3 on the 3ds, mainly the ability to DL quests to your SD card.
toss in Street pass Hunter Card exchanges [also like in Monster hunter]

In fact, Mosst of the online features could be done teh way it was in monster hunter 3 but lets get away from all that for the moment.
Game play concept thought.
Top screen ofcourse has the usual moniter.
Hp bar, Minimap, all that jazz. Nothing really special there.
Bottom screen is where stuff gets cool.
You could toggle between a Full quest map, your Tecs [with avarient of the Universe Weapon change mechanic]

Different button set ups IE quick keys would be toggled by the L and R buttons.
EX as a humar.
normal L R
y weak attack Resta Shifta
b med attack Monomate deban
A strong attack monofluid Jellen
X chat Moon atom Zalure

What are your guys thoughts on the idea?
We know the 3ds can handle it graphic wise, I mean look at how well it handles Current gen games like Sonic all stars transformed, Street fighter 4, and more.
What ideas would you add?
I liked this idea alot enough to share it here, even though it will [probably] never happen. PSO handhelds are dominated by the PSP/vita and they are focused on the universe set up.
But just imagine, PSO BB portable.. That would be epic dont ya think?

Author:  roronoa58 [ Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 3ds pso

I had many dream about this game working on a ds/3ds, badly if you want to see it one day ....
Do it yourself or try to found someone who want( and can) to do it,
because PSOBB is too old and too far less attractive than new PS game for Sega :/

Author:  rodellz [ Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 3ds pso

Compared to games like Tales of the abyss, Pso BB looks really good actually. But you do have a point. It is an old game, even though its still better than a lot of games out there still.
Does my basic concept idea work though? I just used PSO BB as a base to mold the idea around.

Author:  zeank [ Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 3ds pso

well there IS Phantasy Star Zero and it's a shame that there is no other one

PS0 actually is a great adaption of the Phantasy Star saga to the DS, but the game itself ultimately is crap. The thing is that they took away the three best things about PSO (you may differ, but for me they are, first it gets to Lv. 100, not 200, second, the number of special weapons you can find is not even a fifth of the ones you can find in PSO, and third, the top difficulty is Very Hard, so no evolved monsters whatsoever; which is for me also the problem with PSU actually).

Aaaand the also messed up in the spot that would have been the winning point for PS0, which is, as you well said, the advantages of the lower screen for tech customization. Instead they simply reduced the amount of techs available.

Now, PS0 still made some good things, it is significantly more fluent and there's this tower of a 100 levels that you have to beat in one shot to get really cool loot (it means having the console running the game for at least a couple of days straight some times, which may sound like a pain, but is actually an interesting challenge). Other than that, Photon Arts work all right and the controls are smooth despite not taking advantage of the touch screen for customization.

But I think you're right, a new version of Phantasy Star for 3DS could be really cool provided that it still kept the point of PSO in the way of aiming for a Thousand Hour Gameplay game. If the problem there with Zero was the system's capacities, then that should be no problem for the 3DS, right? Then I don't really think streetpass would add much to it, but online playing should be a main feature.

Author:  rodellz [ Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 3ds pso

Street pass would just earn you points n th game and get your hunter cards I think. Seeing as its Nintendo and sEga here, there would probably some, special points you got from Street pass that let you buy special weapons or something. Kinda like PD's actually. YEah I totally agree, I love playing ps0 and still pop it in every now and then. The fact you could Customiz party memmbers to take with you, or even the option to romp solo was awesome Though I would have liked to see the part Level up more in PS0 like in PSU. Its kinda stupid when Allies start of doing the same as you at The super low level, and STILL do about that much damage while you do about triple or Quad what they do per shot.
"Dont hog the fun!"
'dont take 15 minutes to kill a bloody bird I can one shot.'

The 3ds and the Wii U both have bottom screens, that change while you play. Hell I mean Legend of Zelda Ocarina 3d Did the bottom screen perfectly. Want a map? hit the arrow, want your items? tap the arrow. All of it, Right there easy to use. Which I loved and want to see put into more games.

Now dont get me wrong here, I LOVE single player story, I love playing on my own and knowing I have a Whole game to myself. PS0 and PSU both do an awesome job there, So did PSO for the most part. But I love to see online game play to, But to a Scaled difficulty. One that changes depending on how many players are in the party.
I'm looking at you over there Monster hunter 3, with your 'need 4 people in the battle just so you have a Bloody chance at surviving Anything'. [I love how they did it all but I have yet to clear a single online quest or even beat story mode yet.]

So in short, put all that together. You would have a managable game, easy to update and play alone and with people. Put in special rewards to make you WANT to play with people. Add in the option to Add people you meet in the game as buddies. Maybe even take a note from Pokemon and REALLY RAISE THAT MAG! lol

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