SOPA. Spread the word, this blows.
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Author:  K_I_R_E_E_K [ Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SOPA. Spread the word, this blows.

Don't be concerned, it won't be aproved and if it does like Lady_Ashe said, it won't stay for long.

As for the censorship part, isn't that what happens in china?

Author:  Spoghead [ Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SOPA. Spread the word, this blows.

They're perhaps more famous covering up items of national shame.

Oddly enough, they've plagiarised or outright cloned many things from many cultures around the world. Doesn't seem they're averse to piracy.

Author:  japanaman2 [ Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SOPA. Spread the word, this blows.

Since it is basically just the mpaa wanting it to be passed. I say if you can not make a movie, and pay out everyone involved in making it with box office sales amounting to most of the time 12-22 million per week for at least the 1st 4 weeks it is in theaters then you true-ly are an idiot. That is more then enough room to pay all your expenses and have enough left over to make the next film if you can't handle money then you deserve to fizzle out, and fade away.

There are people on youtube who are more then willing to make movies for free.

Lets see that is about 40-80 million per movie made in just the 1st month.

Trying to honor intellectual propriety rights after an item is released for privet in home viewing is stupid because 2 weeks after it is out it is in the $5 bin at walmart or, the 99 cent bin at a pawn shop.

Money the mpaa would not see anyways. + it is over charging last I checked 5 dvd blanks go for $2 which is about 40 cents a disc which could hold about 5 different movies per disc. or cd's which any modern movie can fit on for 20 cents a disc, and you want people to spend money and time on gas to go out and buy a movie for what you assume is a price of about $10-$20.

The mpaa does not buy back product that has already sold.
The mpaa sees a profit of about $1-$3 for each copy sold to walmart after shipping and manufacturing. Walmart then sells each movie for the 1st 2 weeks at about $13 per item seeing a $8 profit per item sold then after the 2 weeks, in a panic to gain back shelf space all products gets reduced for quick sale for $5 per item, and can only sell what people will buy. If walmart overbuys then they are stuck holding shelf space with a bad product that is not selling.

And that is not to even mention the 3 other ways which are much more efficiently to retrieve the movie files. through file sharing distribution. Free digital download, pay per view/on demand, and netflix.

The difference in the 3 are...

Free digital download it exists but you have a wait time have to pay for access to the Internet and have to do some of the work yourself this mostly requires free time.

Pay per vies/on demand streams through the tv. Can easily recored digitally or vcr ect...

Netflix has you paying for access to the Internet and paying a convince fee to have the work and time spend on free digital downloads done for you and nicely displayed. can easily recored digitally or vcr ect...

Even if it is just a mom and pop local video store renting the movie out multiple times that is not money the mpaa would see anyways and all this remember is based on unspecified number that doesn't exist as stated in the the bill.

In short too much technology has been released to protect mpaa trade secrets, and now the mpaa is going to suffer for it. Now this did not happen by the fault of the mpaa or with the original intention to force a company to close it's doors. However now that the world can see how badly they have been overcharged for your service they have alternatives. And alternatives is what USA was originally all about free market enterprise which creates a need to compete and develop new products, Now time for the mpaa to upgrade and develop a new technologies, and delivery systems for your future products. If you are still trying to make bank on what already exists it is time to give up on dreams of the past which have already been translated into publicly avaibale digital media format, and focus on the future.

If you do fail to evolve example would be to string your own cables nationwide or your own satellite service to monitor every viewing. Then plan to fail.

The government should not have to bail you out. And the taxpayers should not have to pay to lock themselves up, or be labeled as criminals due to being smarter then an organization that can not handle money. I mean what are you a religion that can't handle money? Hire a accountant, and quit complaining to the government who was hired to do much bigger and better things to the world then to help pass a law honoring a law which is well past it's expiration date. And by expiration date I mean as soon as the beta max was publicly released the honoring of intellectual propriety rights became thrown out the window.

So either learn to handle money, evolve and compete with the current technology that exists, or close your doors quietly. Seriously shutdown all production for a few years. It works as a scare tactic gimmick to sports fans when they have a full seasonal strike. Who knows it just may work it certainly has not been tried yet.

Author:  rodellz [ Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SOPA. Spread the word, this blows.

Wow wall of text is epic X_X
While the mpaa makes certain amounts per new disc sale, dont forget the extra deals made with places such as Walmart that may pay them more. Also there are the blue ray and double packs sold for almost everything now. In a way tey do make some from already sold things, by rereleasing them on better format, blueray, and special editions [like disney movies].
While I see why the mpaa is the biggest pusher, you can't forget the politicians who damn near never look to the future.
For example when the us made alcohal illegal, then quickly changed back.

Author:  japanaman2 [ Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SOPA. Spread the word, this blows.

A lot of websites today will protest.
You do not need to adjust your internet.

Author:  No One [ Thu Jan 19, 2012 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SOPA. Spread the word, this blows. ... s-offline/

Interesting, looks like people actually have been doing more than I though. That's good to know.

And loooool: ... t?tag=sopa

Author:  japanaman2 [ Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: SOPA. Spread the word, this blows.

Was channel surfing heard it, and sure enough it was posted online.

And right after he does it he admits it was pre-meditated. Which means there is more then probable cause to say you did this you are guilty.

If sopa continues that is 5 years in jail for Mr. President. + Removal of c-span from the web.

Let's see what other members of congress we can catch singing a song they don't hold the rights to in a video posted online.

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